Have you worked as an Air Traffic Controller (in training) in another country, or as a Military Air Traffic Controller? You can apply too!

Controllers can be stationed at any of our four fields: Schiphol, Rotterdam Airport, Maastricht-Aachen Airport or Groningen Airport Eelde.
Admission requirements
- You are no older than 30 at the time of application
- You are in the possession of a valid Student Controller Licence
- You speak Dutch and English or are willing to learn (CERF Language level of Dutch to be reached: B2.1 for the Area Control Center and B2.2 for TWR/APP)
- Willingness to participate in AIVD Safety screening and a language aptitude test

We ask you to send us the following documents:
- CV (mentioning your date of birth according to the following format e.g. 12 december 1992)
- Motivational letter 
- Trainee reports with qualitative remarks (if possible unit training, or most recent reports)
- Description of the airfield you currently work at (or where you have been working)
- Overall test results / OJT results
- Copy of your license 
- Copy of your medical
- Reference from an OTJI or a trainingmanager

Please send us the documents by mail via  recruitment@lvnl.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Company trailer Air Traffic Control the Netherlands

Air Traffic Control the Netherlands is responsible for making sure that all aircraft movements run safely. Air Traffic Controllers work 24/7 to ensure that planes maintain sufficient distance to one another, and can safely land and take-off.

Get to know your colleagues

I am Maggie Luraniec, 36 years old and an Area Controller at Schiphol. As well as being a controller I am also an on the job instructor and an assessor. I was born in Poland and moved to South Africa when i was 3 years old. Before I moved here I worked as an Air Traffic Controller at Johannesburg international airport. There I worked in the Tower as well as Area control for 4.5 years. 8 years ago my husband (also an Air Traffic Controller) and I decided we needed a change. We both always wanted to work overseas; both for the change of scenery and for the challenge.

Having grown up in South Africa with all its political issue and instabilities we both knew that a future there was maybe not what we wanted, especially for our family. I have now lived and worked here for just over 7 years. With no regrets and many great experiences. The Netherlands as a country is socially stable and LVNL as a company is great to work for. A company where the core staff come first. The work is challenging and rewarding and the standard of living in The Netherlands far outweighs that of South Africa. Besides the weather of course ;). As a package LVNL and The Netherlands are hard to beat and the continuous growth of Schiphol allows for continuing work related challenges!